Tips for boat care

After more than 15 years of developing and servicing inflatable boats for which Jochym Marine have been trained and certified in UK we would like to share most important information with all our customer how you should take care of your boat to keep your boat in best condition for many years. During servicing of thousands inflatable boats from all different brands we found out most common problems and we want our customer to know what they should avoid to keep their boat perfect for much longer time.

Boat Inflating

Inflating your boat properly is one of the most important parts. We had in our workshop many boats damaged by overpressure or wrong system of inflating because even when you might not see some problems right away, they can be created over time.
Always use the foot pump or electric pump
Start inflating from back of the tubes first
During sunny don't forget that sun will add pressure to your tubes

Step by step inflating:

  1. place your boat on safe place be careful on sharp objects.
  2. pump the front of the tubes slightly around 30%
  3. put the floor in, start from the back, follow by middle, as a last put the front and make A shape between front and middle section. Then pressure floor down.
  4. click the aluminum sides
  5. pump the boat to half of pressure and put the bench in
  6. fully pump the boat from back to front again.

Boat Storage

To avoid problems and to keep your boat in best condition for many years you should be careful also how to take care of your boat when you are not using it. Here are few important tips:

  • best way is to keep your boat inflated whole time also when you are not using it
  • keep your boat clean, because when you leave mud, grass or particles in boat for long period of time they might affect the glue over the long period of time.
  • try to put your boat in storage where is not too cold during the winter
  • don't leave your boat deflated because you risk that rodents like mouse can make holes in pvc
  • don't leave your boat on direct sun !
  • never put your boat in storage wet and deflated

Most important is to keep you boat inflated when possible, it doesn't mean you have to have it pumped to hard but inflatable boats and option to deflate and pack them is made for transport not long time stock. Because it might affect pvc over the time.

Boat Care (while using)

  • don't leave your boat on direct sun for long time when you don't have to, place it in shadow if its possible
  • avoid using your boat

Boat Care (after using)

This is probably the most important part when you want to keep your boat in best condition for many years. As every other product also inflatable boat need special care and we would like to offer to you best tips we collect after many years of work with inflatable boats.

  • after using your boat, dismantle your floor, put it out from your boat and clean the whole boat with water and brush. Get rid of mud, grass and particles or boilies. To keep your boat clean is best way how to keep it as new for long time.
  • let the boat fully dry
  • inflate the boat fully and put it in stock inflated if possible
  • before the season and after the season you can use special products for PVC inflatable boats. Once your boat is cleaned is very good to PVC protection products for inflatable boats and apply them on tubes based on description on the product. (use only products developed specially for inflatable PVC boats)

It's very important to understand that inflatable boat, as any other product need special care which will extend lifetime of product. If you want to keep your boat in best possible condition take care of tips we gave you in this article and you boat will last at least twice as long without them.

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