Fishmaster 220

This unique type of small boat changed all myths about small boats and their disadvantages. Fishmaster 220 because of his construction is very stable, with comfortable inside space and amazing maneuverability. Its very easy to carry by 1 person because of light weight and still it can carry a lot of weight. First 220cm boat where you can easily stay and play fish, you can bait even in bad weather conditions and waves or put your lines.

Olive Green: 686,00€
Camo: 814,00€


  • Length: 220cm
  • Width: 155cm
  • Inside space: 105 x 75cm floor, 150 x 75 incl. front wing
  • Weight: Only 20kg (including floor) !
  • Packing size: 120x70x30 (including floor)
  • Max.outboard: 2.5hp
  • Max load: 350 kg
  • max person: 2

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