High Standard Warranty

As a company with 20 years of experience in boats developing and services we would like to offer to our customers highest standard of warranty and also after warranty services for our products.


5 years warranty for seams and cloth


Any additional cost for warranty services after claim confirmation


Warranty pick up for boat made by courier company from and also to customer


Warranty services made in Jochym Marine headquarters in Slovakia


After warranty services for transport costs and minimal charge to Jochym Marine

Repair costs will be calculated approximately for customer before boat shipping

We highly appreciate trust of our customers in our brand and in return for this trust we would like to offer to our customers best services.

This is the reason why our customers are not paying any additional cost during warranty for their services.

But even after warranty we can help our customers. Jochym Marine will offer full step by step guide how to repair problem that customer have and/or he is not able to repair this problem or its too complicated we offer to our customers services directly in Jochym Marine Headquarters in Slovakia where we can repair every kind of problem and we offer this services to all our customers just for costs of transport and minimal costs for Jochym Marine services as a benefit for our customers.

Five years warranty applies on seams and pvc material, other remaining parts have standard two years warranty. Jochym Marine will repair or in case of unrepairable, replace damaged goods.

Warranty won't cover: Damage caused by avoiding instructions in user manual and damage caused by continuous unprotected UV exposure.

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