Boat Advantages

After years of servicing inflatable dinghies we found out which parts on classic inflatable dinghies are problematic. That is the reason why Jochym Marine developed different materials and protections to offer best quality for customer also over the years of using.

Because boats were developed in cooperation with professional fishermen, Jochym Marine catamarans offer all what fishermen needs. More space, high stability, safety, lowered electricity consumption and more.

14 Reason why to choose Fishmaster by Jochym Marine

Developed in cooperation with world best fishermen
Made from high quality materials from Italy, Germany, Austria, USA
Developed and build in Slovakia
Highly stable on water even in unfavorable weather conditions
Inside space of the boat is bigger than in the most of the inflatable boats of the same lenght. Which makes your time on water more comfortable and you can carry much more.
Lowered fuel and electric consumption nearly for 50% thanks to reduced friction of the boat on the water due to air tunel under the floor
Increased safety. Air tunnel prevents air flow to get under the boat which would lead to overturning.
All wooden parts are protected with hot sprayed layer of antiskid rubber which also protects them from humidity
Bigger tubes of the boat ensure higher bouyancy which makes the boats planing even easier. Back side of tubes are curved down which creates more bouyancy on the back of the boat which allow to go smoother also with more load.
PVC strapes along whole tubes protect them from damage and also allow the boat to get to a shore in hardly accesable places.
Lot of extra fishing accessories is available for boats
High speed even with small electric and fuel motors. You can reach approximately 30% higher top speed in comparison with other inflatable dighies using same electric or fuel motor.
Very low weight in comparison to other boats. Approx. 30% lighter than other inflatable boats
Both back transom and front wing are protected by extra layer of PVC.

Profesional fishing catamarans

Developed with world best fishermen

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