Over 20 years of experience

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Our company is now on the market for more than 23 years, started back in 1995. Over all these years we have experience with fiberglass boats, wooden boats, boat rentals production, we made thousands of services of inflatable boats of all brand from all around the world. Boats are simply a passion in our family and boats development is biggest one.

We have been working on concept of inflatable fishing catamarans over 6 years till we have been satisfied with our product and even now we are still working on our boats and we will never stop. Most important for us is to eliminate all weaknesses which we found over the years during services and using of classic inflatable dinghies and produce best boats for leisure and fishing.

2018 is our second year on the market after hard 6 years of developing. After these two years you can find our boats in shops Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, UK or Norway and many more. We are very happy that our goal to create connection between angler and boat developer is working great and we are receiving a lot of feedback from lakes and river from whole europe but also from anglers from Canada, New Zealand or Africa.

But our mission is not in the end, not even from a far. We grow together with our boats and our passion remains the same, if it's not even bigger. We are looking forward for next months and years and we trust that we will remain a part of fishing sport and our ability to connect fishermen and our brand and through this connection produce new and better products will last another dozens of years.

Jochym Marine

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