Fishmaster 300

A unique kind of boat developed to meet specific requeremets of fishermen. process of development of the boat took us four years in cooperation with some of the best world fishermen. Thanks to its special construction, Fishmaster 300 is highly stable on water even in unfavorable weather conditions. The inside space of the boat is bigger than in the most of the inflatable boats of the same lenght. Lowered fuel and electric consumption thanks to reduced friction of the boat on the water due to air tunel under the floor which also provides increased safety. Air tunel prevents air flow to get under the boat which would lead to overturning.

All wooden parts are protected with hot sprayed layer of antiskid rubber which also protects them from humidity. Bigger tubes of the boat ensure higher bouyancy which makes the boats planing even easier. Back side of tubes are curved down which creates more bouyancy on the back of the boat which allow to go smoother also with more load. PVC strapes along whole tubes protect them from damage and also allow the boat to get to a shore in hardly accesable places.

Olive Green: 890,00€
Camo: 1068,00€


  • Lenght: 300cm
  • Width: 175cm
  • Inside lenght: 223cm
  • Inside width: 75cm
  • Packing size: 152x69x39
  • Max outboard: 9.9hp
  • Max load: 557kg
  • Max person: 4
  • Tubes diameter: 50cm
  • Material: 1100 dex
  • Material thickness: 0,9mm
  • Air chambers: 4
  • Bench: Movable alu seat
  • Accessories: Foot pump, repair kit, bag
  • Warranty: 5 years on fabric and seams
  • Services: In Jochym Marine, Slovakia
  • Weight with Plywood floor: 54kg
  • Weight with Aluminum floor: 58kg
  • Weight with Inflatable floor: 42kg